Ladang Lima

Ladang Lima is a warmhearted product from PT. AgungBumi Agro, which a fast growing company that produces fresh cassava flour. Always take a step to look first at the community, by managing an 100 Ha cassava plantation area in Pasuruan, East Java, we are supporting Indonesia’s local farmers sustainability.
We really put beyond effort during the process likewise biotechnological steps, in order to keep the structure along with texture and taste having good distinctive that other’s one. Together along with our commitment to provide natural and, of course, healthy products as well providing the best ingredients for your beloved family.
PT. AgungBumi Agro consistent with the mission to keep Ladang Lima healthy flour balance with nature. We make sure every little step during the process from fresh cut cassava root until its packaged, would maintain the five goodness: gluten-free, white natural color, rich in iron & calcium, source of fiber and low glycemic Index.
As the lifetime dedication to mother earth, PT AgungBumi Agro utilizing the leftover of flour processing to make liquid fertilizer, dried-cassava flour, cassava chips, and feed animals meal which we develop by processing with zero waste for sustainable green company.

Our Company

PT Agung Bumi Agro is a fast-growing company that produces flour made from fresh cassava. With a huge factory covering an area of 3,3 Ha in Pasuruan and cassava plantation area of 100 Ha, we try to fulfill the flour market share in Indonesia and Export demand.

Our Main Product is a gluten-free flour that made by biotechnological process, this is why we have good distinctive than other’s flour, Our flour characteristic closely mimic the structure, texture, and taste of numerous wheat-based products with a single ingredient.


Become advanced company that develop and provide healthy and good quality product from Indonesian biodiversity.


Become the largest producer of gluten
free cassava flour in indonesia!

Become company that gives the best
product and service to consumer!

Become company with international
standard and worldwide distribution

Good to Know

Tasty Creation from Ladang Lima All Purpose Flour has the same function with wheat flour for Bread, Cakes, Pastry, Muffin, Cookies, Flour and others

1. Also known as yuca, cassava is a delicious root vegetable.

2. Ladang Lima Flour is an all-purpose healthy flour made from cassava with good nutrition.

3. It has characteristic closely likes wheat and has natural taste.

4. Ladang Lima Is 100% cassava that could be used for all cooking creation.

5. We are different with tapioca because we use whole cassava not only the starch.

6. Lets do magical creations such as Cake , Cookies, Muffin, Crackers, and Bread.