Ladang Lima Premix bread bring togetherness from
the kitchen through dining room, A simple way to
make a Gluten Free Bread you just prepare a liquid
element than mix with a cup of bread mix flour.

1. Preheat your oven to 200 C, both top and bottom heat.
2. Pour the dry ingredients of bread mix into a bowl, and
mix the instant yeast into it.
3. In another bowl, pour 250 ml water, 1 large egg, and 20 ml
vegetable oil/coconut oil, and stir well.
4. Pour half if the wet mixture into the dry mixture, mix on
low speed using spiral dough hook mixer until the dough well combined.


No wonder, now everybody can easy try a gluten free dish . A pack of pancake mix is an answer for everybody who want eat gluten free without bake


1. Pour egg white to bowl, mix till raise & stiff (1st bowl)
2. In another bowl pour egg yolk mix it well (2nd bowl)
3. Add pancake mix to 2nd bowl, mix well.
4. Pour milk and melted butter, mix well.
5. Then add 1st bowl, mix with spatula.
6. You can add honey or maple syrup for additional topping.