The pioneer of gluten free

Ladang Lima is a producer of cassava flour and a pioneer of gluten free food in Indonesia. We produce cassava flour and various derivative products such as vegetable noodles, premix flour, multipurpose seasoning flour, cookies, and cassava pasta.

Nourish Natural Goodness from Cassava

Indonesia, an archipelago with fertile land where a variety of natural goodness grows. One of them is cassava, a local tuber that brings goodness to Indonesian nature which has been used by our ancestors for hundreds of years as a food source. In addition, cassava is easily grown without the help of pesticides in tropical countries, one of which is Indonesia. Ladang Lima is here to bring the natural goodness of cassava to every family in the world.

Hand in hand with Local Farmer

In collaboration with local farmers in East Java, we also provide superior cassava seeds to farmers so that they produce quality cassava that is ready to be processed into multipurpose flour. Processed cassava without pesticides and fresh produce by farmers is immediately brought to the production site to produce a natural white color without any bleaching process.
Together with local farmers we hope to increase the potential of cassava as a local food source and also improve the welfare of local farmers.


Ladang Lima is a brand under the auspices of the Agung Bumi Agro group which has a production site in the Pasuruan area, which is located close to the center of cassava farmers, at the foot of Mount Bromo. In an area of 3 hectares, we produce multipurpose cassava flour and its derivative products.

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